Hospitality & Tourism Summit 2012

Dear colleagues from the hospitality sector,

in the current time characterised by decrease of ability to buy of abroad and domestic clients it is necessary to find ways that can reduce the effect of external noninfluable negative factors and guarantee entrepreneurs in tourism business the possibility to overcome the time of recession in black numbers. More than anytime before there is need of good long-term strategy, good knowledge of operation management, understanding quality as a tool of competitiveness and orientation in tourism legislation.

Where to gain strenght for further development?
In this aspect the program of the annual conference Hospitality & Tourism Summit, which will be held in a season not so hectic as summer is, as participants wished. This way we are inviting you for the 12th year of the conference, which will take place on 12th and 13th April 2012 in Prague hotel Crowne Plaza and will be connected also with an interesting gala evening in Eco-technical Museum in Bubeneč.

Opening part of the program of the first day will be dedicated to questions from the area of funding and legislation of the tourism and trends on the side of domestic and abroad clientele. It will be concluded by great panel discussion with topic "drives and drags of tourism" which will surely inspire also confrontational contributions from auditorium.
Fairness, responsibility and directness should doubtlessly be corner stones of fustainable business. Representatives of hotel trade, gastronomy and speakers representing suppliers wil try to persuade participants that these values are worthy to honour in business. The closing session of practical case studies will introduce the best experience how to "improve efficiency, motivate and communicate". The second day of the conference will offer discussion session about discount and loyalty systems with participation of representatives of their critics and advocates, session about efficiency in gastronomy, session about marketing and destination management, session about crucial importance of management and motivating workers in services and session focused on developing tourism in regions, mainly with stress on cooperation between regions.

On behalf of organizers is looking forward to meeting you Barbora Krásná, Partner Blue Events
Pavel Hlinka, vice-prezident SOCR ČR

Program 2012

Thanks to those who participated at preparation of the program: Eva Frindtová, COT média; Pavel Hlinka, AHP Connectionsv; Aleš Hozdecký, Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj ČR; Jiří Jinda, Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze 8; Tomáš Máčala, Crowne Plaza Prague; Mojmír Mikula, CzechTourism; Tomáš Poucha, Marketingový institut; Václav Stárek, AHR ČR.

Hospitality & Tourism Summit 2012

Where to gain strength and motivation for further development...

12. – 13. 4. 2012, Crowne Plaza, Praha

Thursday 12. 4. 2012
08.00-09.00 REGISTRATION
09.00-11.15 A. Financing, quality and legislation of tourism in the Czech Republic Moderated by Václav Stárek, president, AHR ČR
  1. Quality as an instrument of competitiveness Aleš Hozdecký, director of Branch of tourism, Ministry for Regional Development CR
  2. Trends on the side of domestic and foreign clientele. Rostislav Vondruška, General Manager, CzechTourism
  3. Segmentation of domestic tourists. How do Russians see us? And what about Chinese bloggers? Jakub Hlaváček, Director of Department of Research, Trends and Innovations, CzechTourism
PANEL DISCUSSION Discussion: Drive and impediments of tourism


• management of hospitality sector on national and regional level – presumptive aplications of law on tourism
• how to finance and control the function of regional programs

speakers of the block A + Otakar John, K+K Hotels, Praha; Josef Míčan, Deputy Director, Spa Complex Felicitas; Jan Školník, Agentura pro rozvoj Broumovska; Václav Novotný, Councillor of Prague
11.15-11.45 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11.45-13.30 B. Fair business, responsibility and directness are worth it Moderated by Pavel Hlinka, Executive Director, AHP Connections
  4. Why only fair people should pay taxes Pavel Hlinka, Executive Director, AHP Connections
  5. Responsible business Tomáš Máčala, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Prague
  6. Innovations focused on new client segments Luboš Kastner, Shopper marketing manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj
  7. Quality water as matter-of-course service to clients Martin Jambor, Operations Manager, Maximilian Hotel & Hotel Josef; Aleš Pikal, Food and Beverage Manager, Hotel Park Inn Prague; Jaroslav Tuček, jednatel, kavárna Můj šálek kávy
  8. Responsibility in gastronomy Blanka Turturro, Slow Food
13.30-15.00 BUSINESS LUNCH
15.00-17.00 C. Best practices: „How to be more efficient/ motivate and communicate better“ Moderated by Roman Vacho, Managing Director 3 star acivity hotels
  9. How to make an end to red numbers in restaurant Zdena Ryndová, Director of Sales, Radisson Blue Carlton Hotel
  10. Time Management – How to economise working power Eva Háková, Director of Finance, Hotel Mandarin
  11. Case study: Congress Hotel Galant Marta Marianová, Owner, Hotel Galant Mikulov
  12. Brand of place as process Tomáš Hrivnák, Partner, Idealisti
  13. "The best out of the worst" alias offer of the Corrupt Tour Travel Agency Petr Šourek, Corrupt Tour
  14. Vote for the most successful concept of marketing communication of hotel and spa in 2011 public vote for winner from the set of nominated candidates in direct participants' vote
18.00-22.30 Festive evening at Ecotechnical Museum Bubeneč

Coupling beer with food: degustation of Beer specials with suitable accompanying Czech cuisine

Announcing the award of monthly magazine Hotel & Spa Management for an extraordinary achievement in marketing communication in hotel and spa business in 2011
Announcing winners of beer degustation competition
Friday 13. 4. 2012
08.00-09.00 REGISTRATION
09.00-10.30 Paralell discussion sessions D1, D2, D3.1
  Moderated by: Lukáš Limprecht, Vice-president AHR ČR for Gastronomy and Operator of Zámecká restaurace Vlašim and Restaurace Camping OASE ****

How to create in gastronomy a value for customer and operator? How to cook for 80 or 120 CZK and what to offer for this price? How do customers from big cities copmared to customers from regions see czech cuisine and how much are they willing to pay for it? How to attract tourists to regional specialties? With tradition, quality and family atmosphere. How to work with the lunch menu offer? Criterium of successful restaurant alias how to have full hall even on monday evening? What does the customer expect from moern gastronomy and how to join him into fulfilling his expectations?

Jakub Černý, Project Manager, Torád
Petr Müller, Co-owner, Restaurace Šupina & Šupinka, Třeboň
Roman Polášek, Co-owner, Hotel-Restaurant Na Mýtě, Bezděkov nad Metují
Václav Svoboda, Executive Director, Hybernia, Praha

Moderated by: Tomáš Hrivnák, Brand Management Specialist, Idealisti

What formate should a development strategy of a city as a tourist destination have? How to work with the "brand" of a city? How to present systematically activities of the city to public and communicate efficiently with domestic or foreign media? Risks of creating the city identity "from above" - by the way of administrative orders. How to optimally set framse and tools for creating the city identity "from the bottom"? Advantages of civil and special interest groups.

Barbora Hrdinová, Managing Partner, DRING Consulting
Adéla Koudelová, Head of Department of Marketing of investment opportunities and tourism, Magistrát města Ostravy
Zuzana Smotlachová, Head of Department, department of Presentation and Marketing, Magistrát města Plzně
Marie Zezůlková, Head of City Strategy Office, Magistrát města Brna

  Moderated by: Zdeňka El Kassemová, HR Director, Four Seasons

Role of employees education in development of employee's skills. How to realize an interview on which we can earn? How to qualify benefits of good selection of employees. Engagement - how to drag emplyoees to the "play"? How to make employee a partner alias power of inner motivation. Practival impacts of novelty of the employment act and labour code of laws, change of definition of depending work and new definition of illegal work - issue of schwarz system. Flexibility of forms of employment and working hours organization, necessity to promote the principle of flexicurity.

Jana Felixová and Jakub Morávek, AK Felix & spol.
Martin Šafr, Managing Partner, Institut pro pracovní psychodiagnostiku
Michal Vevera, HR & Training Manager, Orea Hotels
Erik Zlámal, District Manager, Starbucks Coffee
Jan Žufan, Prorector for Research and Head of faculty of economics and economy, Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze 8

10.30-11.00 COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11.00-13.00 Paralell discussion sessions D3.2, E1, E2
  Moderated by: Zdeňka Kassemová, HR Director, Four Seasons
  Moderated by: Eva Frindtová, Publisher, COT Media

Relationships between regional administration and organizations ensuring tourism development in regions and areas: how to solve mutual superiority, inferiority or partnership? How is it for organizations of tourism in one region and how is it in cases when tourism area lies in more regions? Where does the conception of activities of CzechTourism agency meets with regional conceptions? How does a cooperation of regional administration, destination companies and businessmen in region work?

Pavla Bičíková, Project Manager, Sdružení Český ráj
Jiří Rak, Director of Destination Agency, České Švýcarsko, o.p.s.
Eva Hornová, Head of Tourism Department, Culture Department, Care of historical monuments and tourism, Liberecký kraj
Vlasta Kratochvílová, Head of Tourism Department, Culture Department, Care of historical monuments and tourism, Královéhradecký kraj
Jan Martinec, Manager of Regional Communication, czechTourism
Marek Mráz, Director of Strategy and Marketing Communication Department, CzechTourism
Lidie Vajnerová, Deputy of Hetman, Liberecký kraj
Jiří Válka, Department of Regional Development and Tourism, Ústecký kraj
Radek Vonka, Councilman for Regional Development and Tourism, Ústecký kraj

Moderated by: Klára Zachariášová, Secretary, AHR ČR

What works the best from the view of profitability - loyalty programs, actions, special offers? Theory and practice of loyalty systems. How can a system based on data help? What is the reality of loyalty systems in hotel trade and restaurants in ČR? How do big hotels and small hotels see loyalty systems? How can sales promotions help to build customer loyalty? How can a campaign on sales portal help to build loyalty?

David Beránek, Business and Marketing Director, Pizza Coloseum
Jiří Carba, General Manager, Zapakatel.cz
Zdeněk Hlinský, General Manager, hotel Pyramida, OREA Hotels
Luděk Louda, Director of Sales, Hotel InterContinental Praha
Vlastimil Plch, Executive Director, Chateau Mcely
Tomáš Poucha, Founder, Marketingový institut

13.00 Conference Conclusion / Lunch

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