Dear ladies and gentleman,

We would like to thank you for your active participation in the 13th year of Hospitality & Tourism Summit that took place under the motto Think Global, Offer Local at Hotel Aquapalace Prague. Organizers prepared a lot of experiences for the participants ranging from high-quality program, gala evening, discussion session to special teleconference with popular AdCamp in Zlín in order to demonstrate the importance of mutual cooperation between destination management and entrepreneurs in tourism sector.

Despite of very challenging times in hospitality sector, it was clear that there is still demand for finding inspirational solutions and new business ways. Thus more than 200 of operators and suppliers of hospitality services registered for the event. Feedback was provided by ¼ of the audience. We take your opinions and advices very seriously and we will keep them in mind while drafting and preparing next year’s gathering.

More than 60 speakers and panellists presented and discussed at the event. First three best evaluated speakers were three men whose professional background slightly differs, but they had one virtue in common – they put all they heart in their work and it pays off!

Mirek Horák, manager of Kyčerka resort introduced how it is possible to successfully offer not only delicious Czech cuisine but also traditions and experiences that are bound to the Wallachia region. And he succeeded – more than 80 % of incoming visitors are foreigners. Mark Davy, founder of Futurecity from UK presented truly inspirational view on how it is possible to change buildings and space surrounding us with different forms of art and subsequently unlock the new business potential.

Under the slogan “Besídka entertains Besídku“ presented Jan Boháč,owner of the hotel with same name in Slavonice. In Besidka you may choose amongst original rooms that are named and were co-developed with the actors from Theatre Sklep. Excellent evaluation was also granted to interactive session at the end of the first day that was smoothly hosted by Adam Reinberger.

Discussion section during the second day were highly praised for good presentations, open debates and wide scale of topics ranging from experiencing hotel, regional gastronomy, Czech mountains, transport, spa and wellness to PR and Marketing in tourism.

We look forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the organizers,

Antonín Parma
General Manager
Blue Events

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